• The Osworld Ethernet Data Logging Software better known as the Oslog Software has no restrictions on the number of terminals/client PCs connected to the Ethernet network. Effectively connect any number of Osworld equipments to the network.
  • Password protected uploading of data captured from multiple data storage devices and storage of data received to the central database server.
  • Provides web browser interface to log using username and password into website to view data on server anytime.
  • Provides secured access to upload data acquired from data storage devices.
  • Generate graphical analysis of the data – as per 21 CFR Compliance guidelines.
  • Log Reports and Graphs (in non-editable format)
  • Audit Trail Reports, Special Alarm Reports.
  • Mean Kinetic Temperature Calculation.
  • Maintains log of user activities like users logged in, login/logout time, and changes made by the user in software settings Audit Trail Reports.